Trust is
what we

We work with only trustworthy partners in all sectors and support industries in the United Arab Emirates. By joining our network, you can be rest assured that you can focus on growing your business only.

Our team of professionals, including legal consultants, accountants, business advisors, admin supports, translators and local mentors will offer our combined wisdom and expertise in the market as you start up in this new market.

Our co-work space in Abu Dhabi is an added bonus for our members to enjoy as a fully equipped serviced office space.

We become

Entering into a new market place can be exciting but also an daunting task even in your own country.

Many businesses come but often fail to make a sustainable business footprint in the Middle East markets because they try to do all by themselves or with whomever they happen to meet soon after they’ve arrived.

Let us introduce the right people. Let us be your business guide. Let us succeed together. Let’s be together

Q: need local partner?
A: your wish is my

In the United Arab Emirates, your business often needs a local representative (or business partner) to be legally accepted when applying for a trading license or simply selling certain products or services.

There are many options and stories involving so called a local sponsor. Some are good and some are bad, like anywhere else in the other parts of the world.

Let us know your business and what you wish to achieve. We will guide you to make a right choice. Whatever your wishes may be, we will find a way to work together to make it work.

for you

We believe in a Teamwork. Especially for a new player in the Middle East country’s business environment, you really need a team of experienced supporters, who will share stories and lessons.

Yes, we have all been the first timer in this market and have made a ton of mistakes and failures. Thus we have gained the business wisdom in this market.

Let us guide you. We would like to, if you let us.

Business Incubation Centre

We offer wide range of support services to help you focus on your core business

Co-Working Space

Computers have become ubiquitous in almost every facet of our lives. At work, desk jockeys spend hours in front of their

Company Formation

We can help you set up a new license or business idea in the United Arab Emirates. Talk with our business & legal advisors

Secretarial Support

We have a well trained office staff who can handle all your secretarial works including, phone, mail, typing, proofreading, travel arrangement, etc so you can act like a boss (if you want)

Work Anywhere

We believe in openness and flexibility in order to create
something new & exciting. Yes, anywhere you can work

Co-working space combines the freedom of working for yourself with the community of pursuing the same goal, thereby sharing the information and also fun working environment.

Whether you want a desk or meeting room, or just sit in our lounge and enjoy free wifi and wonderful coffee, our place will be available for you.

Let us work together and create something exciting in Abu Dhabi.

meeting the locals

You need to meet the right people. Yes, there still are “good” locals & you should
keep looking for the right local partners to make your business truly work in here

We can arrange meeting with “proven” and “credible” local contacts to suit your business needs if you require such assistance. Or, you can just use our meeting facilities and use our support team to help communicate better (with our Arabic translators), or to assess your local partners (with our advisors), or even just for a nice cup of coffee to get friendly with your local business partners

also available in our centre

at our co-working space, we will have following facilities and services for you, yet
at no extra cost (if you are a member or our guest)

Our facility in Abu Dhabi will have a multilingual staff who will answer your calls, take your messages for you, receive faxes and scan & email, arrange transportation, free wifi connection, a large group meeting facility and also a very nice coffee machine in a common lounge where you can join others or relax by yourself. All these services are available for you so that you can focus on building your own business in the middle east.

We cheer for you. We believe in you. We will support you. Let us be your Trusted Service Agent.

how past & current clients see us?

We have a stack of thank you letters & letters of recommendation to praise our consultants, and our local agency services from existing clients. Yes, these are really and not made up testimonials. We will send you a copy of the full testimonial letters to you by email upon request.

…your legal expertise along with knowledge of local practice has been extremely helpful and much appreciated both in professional and personal manner and I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.

…is a very professional and efficient lawyer and his service was very helpful to us at many times. We are very much satisfied with his excellent service and support to our company in UAE.

…wishes to express our appreciation to you and your legal and consulting team for high quality and timely provision of various advisory services….. We are completely satisfied with our cooperation with you and your consulting firm and wish to thank you.

…with his amazing ability to mix well with people of different backgrounds and cultures, we are certain that he is a wonderful addition to our town….we recommend his service to anyone who is in need of legal assistance

We are proud to be associated with these great
names from Korea for their UAE businesses